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Feb 4, 2002 11:08 AM

Pizza in Baltimore

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We have been living in Baltimore area for 2 years and have yet to find a decent pizza! Have tried them from many take-outs and also in restaurants and none are as good as the ones we could get in Syracuse, NY area. My family is tired of listening to me complain so I am coming to you for help!

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  1. ah, kay. we share the same dilemma. i used to live in manhattan and just took great slices for granted. now, whenever i'm up there i stop for pizza at least twice a day just to pay back the deficit!

    the only place that, for me, comes even close is viccino's on charles and mt. royal, and that's only sometimes. i've also had good-for-baltimore pie from the mama lucia's at the corner of greenmount and 36th -- order a fresh cheese pie just for yourself and it will at least *remind* you of new york pizza in a fond way. the guys there are from naples, italy, birthplace of pizza, and know a thing or two about pizza, but i think their standards have dropped. they seem to think, why bother making great pizza in waverly when no one seems to care? but the crust is still hand-tossed and the marinara nicely spicy. now if they could just perfect the part where that orange-colored oil runs down when you fold the wedge in half...

    let me know if you find any good pizza!

    1. I just got back from a trip to NYC and enjoyed a few great slices. I'm not from NYC, but long for the good pizza you can only get there.
      I will say that the closet I've come id at Maria D's in Federal Hill on Light Street, right before the Cross Street Market. Awesome and even better by the slice. This is great anytime of the day, but is very handy at around midnight after having a few beers.
      Try it & I think you'll be a bit impressed.

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        you're right! totally forgot about maria d's. decent slice here.

      2. Which Syracuse pizza places did you like best? I haven't found any down here that can top the Varsity or Cosmos. Apicella's in Little Italy has a good pie though. And there's a place out in Owings Mills that's pretty good too. I think It's called Mamma Lucia or something like that. It's on Owings Mills Blvd.

        1. Wow, four posts on this subject and not one mentioning Matthew's Pizza on Eastern Avenue. Matthew's is an East Baltimore/Fells Point/Canton/Patterson Park icon. Other than my wife's pizza (which is absolutely the best; you should try her shrimp with lobster sauce pizza), I can't think of another place in Baltimore that consistently matches up with Matthew's.

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            I'm coming into this late I guess but want to second Asun's vote for Matthew's. I'm not from NYC so I've never gotten the big deal with NY-style pizza--where I'm from, on the West Coast, we tend to go for big thick crusts and crazy stuff like sprouts on our pizzas, which I realize is sacrilege to people out here. But friends of mine from NY make pilgrimages to Matthew's. Great pie, and you can individually-sized ones so that you don't have to argue over toppings!

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              Wait, we have to make something very clear here.
              Matthews pizza is good, but VERY doughy. Which is very different from NY pizza. NY pizza should be a very thin crust, preferably bought by the slice and often contains no more than one topping. This is the kind of pizza that you could pick up with one hand and fold together at the top and mmmm mmmm mmmm, starting to get very hungry!
              I went to Matthews recently and was reminded of the old days at Milano's in Pikesville. It's a good pizza, but nothing like a NY pizza.
              I still say Maria D's is the closest you're going to get that I know.

          2. I haven't the foggiest idea what it's called, but the pizza joint in the Rotunda mall on 41st St, by where the movie theater and the liquor store used to be, has some damned good slices. Closest to NYC I've found here. Also, if you ask real nice, they'll sell you a ball of raw dough for, like, a dollar - then you can just make your own at home with very little hassle.

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              The place in the Rotunda is called Casa Mia's.

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                ...and they just recently started delivering, if you live in the neighborhood.