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Jan 30, 2002 08:43 PM

Full Kee Lunch Apologies

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Sorry I was unable to make it to today's lunch, but I had another commitment that I could not avoid. I hope that there will be another opportunity!

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  1. You missed another good lunch....there were nine of us--four from the first luncheon group and five new faces. I was very glad to meet Marty L. face to face finally.

    Here is what we had....cuttlefish, oyster hotpot with ginger and scallions, clams in black bean sauce, a codfish and bean curd hot pot (excellent), frogs legs with yellow leeks, leek flowers, Chinese broccoli, chow fun with seafood, roast duck, roast pork....everyone enjoyed it.

    We discussed another lunch in the future--perhaps Malaysia Kopitiam and also an excursion to Rockville for Shanghai style Joe's Noodle House or A&J.

    Hope you had a good meeting.

    Jim Zurer

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      Congratulations and thanks on a superb riff with the menu. It was amazing how plentiful and consistently good everything was. George and I would be happy to hear about Round 3 at Full Kee.


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        A follow up would be great; I have not been to the Kopitiam, and am a big fan of A&J (though my personal notion is that the Annandale location is better than the one in Rockville). Shanghai style also appeals (especially for xiao long bao...). Keep me posted!