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Jan 30, 2002 08:14 PM

Best Hotdog in Baltimore?

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Any suggestions where you can get a good hotdog in Baltimore?

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  1. attman's deli: the bologna dog!

    or their regular kosher dogs are very good too, but if you've never had this peculiar-to-delis treat you should try it!

    do you do the baltimore thing and put sauerkraut on your dogs?

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    1. re: trix

      Sauerkraut on hot dogs...yum! However. I have lived in Baltimore all my adult life and I *still* don't understand the sauerkraut with Thanksgiving turkey dinner tradition! LOL!

      1. re: Anne Beal

        saurkraut and kielbasa at thanksgiving must be a polock thing -- when i was a teenager i went to a friend's house for t'giving dinner (my first away from my family) and i was astonished that they DIDN"T have kraut & kielbasa -- i felt really sorry for them, because i figured it must have been accidentally ruined in the kitchen or something, and so tactfully didn't mention the "omission". it took me til college to realize that not everyone puts k&k on equal status with the turkey!

        1. re: trix

          A block tradition along with Blaze Starr and the 2 O'Clock Club...a long time ago.

          1. re: Joe

            oh, yeah, PJ's is definitely still there on the Block! There's another one on the corner of Patapsco Ave. and Washington Blvd. in far southwest B'more that's my total favorite. The only other one i know of is on the boardwalk in ocean city. Ahh, a PJ's polish with brown mustard and kraut -- now that's living.

            you know what's really funny? if you look up polock johnny's in the yellow pages the lisiting immediately preceding it is the polo grill!

    2. Mr. Sausage in Cross Street Market. Great toppings and really cheap.