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Best Hotdog in Baltimore?

Steve Robinson Jan 30, 2002 08:14 PM

Any suggestions where you can get a good hotdog in Baltimore?

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    Tugboat Feb 4, 2002 09:55 AM

    Mr. Sausage in Cross Street Market. Great toppings and really cheap.

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      trix Jan 31, 2002 09:00 AM

      attman's deli: the bologna dog!

      or their regular kosher dogs are very good too, but if you've never had this peculiar-to-delis treat you should try it!

      do you do the baltimore thing and put sauerkraut on your dogs?

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      1. re: trix
        Anne Beal Jan 31, 2002 02:18 PM

        Sauerkraut on hot dogs...yum! However. I have lived in Baltimore all my adult life and I *still* don't understand the sauerkraut with Thanksgiving turkey dinner tradition! LOL!

        1. re: Anne Beal
          trix Jan 31, 2002 02:26 PM

          saurkraut and kielbasa at thanksgiving must be a polock thing -- when i was a teenager i went to a friend's house for t'giving dinner (my first away from my family) and i was astonished that they DIDN"T have kraut & kielbasa -- i felt really sorry for them, because i figured it must have been accidentally ruined in the kitchen or something, and so tactfully didn't mention the "omission". it took me til college to realize that not everyone puts k&k on equal status with the turkey!

          1. re: trix
            Joe Jan 31, 2002 05:52 PM

            A block tradition along with Blaze Starr and the 2 O'Clock Club...a long time ago.

            1. re: Joe
              trixie Feb 1, 2002 09:23 AM

              oh, yeah, PJ's is definitely still there on the Block! There's another one on the corner of Patapsco Ave. and Washington Blvd. in far southwest B'more that's my total favorite. The only other one i know of is on the boardwalk in ocean city. Ahh, a PJ's polish with brown mustard and kraut -- now that's living.

              you know what's really funny? if you look up polock johnny's in the yellow pages the lisiting immediately preceding it is the polo grill!

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