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Jan 30, 2002 08:48 AM

CHristopher Mark?

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anyone tried this restaurant downtown? I am looking for a pre-theater dinner with two friends (one of whom is celebrating a birthday...we are picking up the check) and I am told they have a special.

My other option is Les Halles, which I love.
Any other suggestions?
Speed (of both your reply, and their service) is of the essence as the show is Thursday night (approx. 36 hours from now).

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  1. It is out of business and was awful when it was in business. In the same neighborhood, try Tosca for upscale Italian or Oceannaire for seafood.

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      Mark's closed down and has been replaced by Andale. Pretty upscale for a Mexican "fusion" restaurant. Decent cocktails and service. A waiter, while clearing a table, spilled some wine on my wife's suede jacket. They apologized profusely and offered to pay for the dry cleaning. Very professional, but the food was lackluster. This was just after they opened, though, so I'll try them again in a few months.