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Jan 29, 2002 01:10 PM

Seafood in DC

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Someone recently told me about a seafood rest. by the name of Pesce in DC, does anyone have any reviews of this place, i am considering it for valentine's dinner.

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  1. very fresh and well prepared seafood in a modern bistro setting. good food but its bright and not very romantic.

    1. I agree with Jason's assessment. Good food; bustling atmosphere; I don't think it takes reservations (at least it didn't used to)--not sure if that's the atmosphere you want.

      If you search this page for "Dupont Circle," there's a previous discussion earlier this month on Pesce and other nearby restaurants in Dupont Circle.

      1. Pesce is usually quite good....although it has been cited for inconsistencies over the years. It is quite small and not built for comfort.

        For a more romantic dinner with a seafood emphasis, try Sea Catch in Georgetown. For a fabulous meal in comfortable surroundings and the best seafood in DC (in my humble opinion), get reservations at Kinkead's on Pennsylvania Avenue.

        You won't regret it.

        Jim Zurer
        Washington DC