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Jan 28, 2002 10:00 AM

looking for a great salad in baltimore

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On occasion, when I go out to dinner, I sometimes yearn for a really wonderful salad, one that can almost constitute a meal in itself.
But when I try to conjure up a restaurant in Baltimore that serves an extraordinary salad, I always seem to draw a blank.
Any suggestions?

- louis

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  1. The bookmaker salad at Sabatino's in Little Italy is a meal in it's own right. That dressing is devistating!
    Also try the grilled romaine salad at Elliott Street Bar & Grill. It's HUGE and comes with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, tomatoes and a great dressing.
    That's all that comes to mind.

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    1. re: Gus

      Gus -

      Where is the Elliott Street Bar and Grill? I've never heard of it and couldn't find it in the phone book.
      - louis

      1. re: louis

        It just re-opened before the holidays. It used to be Doobie's. It's located on Elliott Street in Canton, two blocks east of Patomac street. It's on a corner on the right side of the road. If you are familiar with the Pickled Parrott, it's one block up on the right.
        It's a great place, the food is awesome and the portions are huge. The chef is as friendly as can be and when he has a bit of down time he has been known to walk the floor and chat with the customers. A great neighborhood place to kick back and have a great meal.

    2. Well, I live around the Hampden/Medfield area, and I regularly make full meals out of the thai warm mint chicken salad at Golden West Cafe, or the grilled tuna salad at McCabe's. Both of these places are small and fill up fast, but their salads, while VERY different from each other, will fill you up! For finer dining, I had a really huge, varied salad at the Purple Orchid one time that I liked.

      1. i'm a big fan of vespa's arugula salad with grilled calamari in blood-orange vinaigrette (there're also onions, red pepper, cucumber). it's a decent, if not enormous, serving; i'm sure if you requested they would put together an entree-size serving.

        also, i've enjoyed the duck rillettes with dried cherries and arugula at petit louis.

        somehow i suspect that these may not be what you're looking for; maybe something more along the lines of a seafood cobb salad?

        (the only problem there is that i can only think of one local cobb, at towne hall, and it's *awful* -- when i tried it, everything was unpleasantly, straight-out-of-the-fridge ice cold and the dressing flavorless. and it had sounded so summery and appetizing, full of crab and shrimp and avocado, bacon, hardboiled eggs, etc. too bad).