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Jan 28, 2002 09:13 AM

Another cheer for Eastern Buffet in Baltimore

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After reading a couple posts about this place and having a craving for dim sum, I went there this weekend and really enjoyed it. The selection is alot better than Chinatown Cafe downtown (though its a heckuva lot harder to find! Go to mapquest first unless you realy know South Baltimore.) and better prepared, too. The service... well, we got our ice water the fourth time we asked, but after that it was refilled pretty religiously. The kid working the carts is 16 going on 12, but I liked him. They had baked bao, which I like better than the steamed kind, though they had them too. And they had some more exotic items--though Mr. 16, sensing my companion's squeemishness, refused to show us the chicken feet. I really hope these guys stay in business this time--it's alot shorter drive than to Wheaton for those of us in Baltimore.

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  1. Where in South Baltimore is Eastern Buffet located? I live in the area and have never heard of it.

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      Eastern Buffet is on W. Patapsco Ave. From the City, the directions are (if memory serves) take 295 South; exit onto the Annapolis Road; first major intersection to W. Patapsco Ave. Turn right. It's in a big shopping center on your left.

      As mentioned below, part of the the folks from Grand Palace have landed here.

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        thanks, Asun! I was looking for a Patapsco Rd. exit on 295 and wound up wandering around lost for a half-hour!