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Jan 25, 2002 12:51 PM

great take-home in baltimore area?

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hi all! i've just discovered chow hound this month and am thrilled to be reading such perceptive and entertaining posts from everyone. now i'm venturing in with my first query: other than sascha's on charles street, where are other places to get great take-home food?

i don't mean carryout, as from a restaurant menu, i mean a place that has cases full of goodies to choose from and then take home to reheat (if appropriate) and enjoy. haven't been to combalu yet -- would it meet this criteria?


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    Susan Willard

    You could try Eddie's of Roland Park (5113 Roland Ave. or 6213 N. Charles St.) or Sutton Place Gourmet (1890 Reisterstown Rd.) Lots of good stuff at both of them.

    1. wait -- sascha's is gone, as in the small sascha's cafe that had the great take-home. it morphed into sascha's 557, which is a terrific *restaurant* i'm looking for places to go when you want very good food, but aren't up to cooking or even sitting in a restaurant -- i'm not the only one who has those nights, am i???