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Jan 24, 2002 03:39 PM

Butterfield ( Rest Week)

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Has anyone been to Butterfield 9 for Restaurant Week? I am going on Sat and I was wondering about the menu.
Also, has anyone been there recently and can provide comments? Thanks

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  1. I went two nights ago and wasn't particulary impressd with the menu. For starters you could choose from potato gnocchi, salad, and one other item that escapes me. The entree was either grilled baby poussin, buffalo short ribs, and once again a third item that escapes me. Dessert was creme brulee, chocolate torte, and one other thing *S* (apparently my brain only remembers in pairs!). For my entree I had the poussin over couscous and found it to be very oily. The chocolate torte was good but I also sampled the mango sorbet which was excellent. All in all if they have the same 30.02 menu I would try another restaurant.

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      I also had the Poussin and liked the accompanying oily and fragrant Moroccan sauce with the cous cous.

    2. B9 is one of my favorite restaurants to take clients, especially when they have their autumnal mushroom gnocchi on the menu. I went to their restaurant week lunch during the last promotion (in November?) and was sorely disappointed, esp. since I went with a group of Chowhounds, all but one of whom I did not know. I would not have blamed them if they had decided to have me banned from the site after that lunch, which was sorely under par.