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Jan 22, 2002 04:14 PM

Salt packed anchoives.........where to buy?

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Where to buy salt packed anchoives in the DC/Southern Mont County area? Can only find packed in oil.

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  1. A&H Seafood in Bethesda.

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    1. re: annieb

      I was just at A&H on Monday, and they do not have salt-packed anchovies. They have lots of other goodies-- like Portugese sea salt for 75 cents a kilo, and very good Spanish olive oil for $4.99 a liter. Anchovies in olive oil, and fresh anchovies, but not salt-packed.

      1. re: zora

        Confirmed...........went there last week. They do not carry salt packed anchoives. The place is a real hole in the wall. Went Friday and they had virtually nothing left from their Thur air shipment from Portugal. Small stock. I guess it might be good if you want unique sausage or cheap olive oil.

    2. If you scroll down to the posts from early January, you'll find a several entries on your exact subject.

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      1. re: Bill

        Thank you all for the tips on Salt Packed Anchoives. I originally posted my request in Jan....but did not make it back to the list for a while......and decided to repost.

        I'll do some research and post my findings who has this item in stock.

        A&H seems to be out of stock.

      2. I followed another poster's advice in the earlier thread and found them at Vignola Cafe in Rockville (N. Washington St. in the shopping center with Magruder's). They have tins of them, but also sell them (from the tins) by the pound (I think they were between $5 and $6 per pound). They have a nice little deli there and I look forward to shopping there again.