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Jan 22, 2002 02:12 PM


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I am trying to find a place in Bethesda to have my rehearsal dinner this summer...wouldn't think that would be hard, but I have some particulars. I want the restaurant to have a "fun" atmosphere, great food, a private or semi-private room that will fit approx. 40, and it can't be Italian....any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Since it will be in the summer, why not the rooftop at Tia Queta? It's authentic Mexican with a fun atmosphere. And their caramel dessert crepes are the stuff of dreams!!!

    4839 Del Ray Ave.

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    1. re: dstultz

      or maybe Black's Kitchen and Bar (same people who run Addie's)

      1. re: dstultz

        That place has a nice atmosphere but the food is absolutely terrible and the margaritas taste like they are made out of watered down gatoraid. I usually don't blast someone's post, but I'd hate to see someone have a rehearsal dinner there and be dissapointed.

        1. re: Kathleen

          It's too bad that you've had bad experiences there. I, on the other hand, have had nothing but good. Mexican food usually seems pretty rote and boring to me, but they are pretty creative at Tia Queta (like a guacamole omelet or cream of shrimp soup or the crepes I mentioned in my previous post)--not your typical burritos and such). They also use some pretty authentic ingredients such as mole. The combination of red and green sauces (ala New Mexico) also rings of authenticity to me. I like the food AND the atmosphere there. I can't speak to the margaritas, we usually get a bucket of Coronas or a pitcher of sangria. They got a good review on, too (albeit short!)

          At least Kara has given herself plenty of time to sample places for herself. That's part of the fun of being a chowhound! :-)

          1. re: Kathleen

            I have found Tia Quita to have some of the best mexican food in the area, with the possible exception of the place on M Street at 28th (name escapes me. is it still there?). Mind you, it is not the place to go if you are looking for the tex-mex/"rio grande" staples like burritos and tacos. For example, their Snapper Veracruz (sp?) is excellent -- a nice, fresh fish filet covered in a wonderfully seasoned sauce including peppers, onions and olives. All is served with hospitality and decor to match.

            If you've had only one bad experience there, I would urge you to try it again.

            And all that said, I'm not sure it's the place for a Rehearsal Dinner. How about the patio at Cottonwood Cafe? Great appetizers like fried jalepenos, and wonderful pork and salmon filet entrees.

        2. Parking absolutely SUCKS. Even on a weeknight.
          Can you stretch your choices over to Chevy Chase? Tavira is a pretty big restaurant, good European food.