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Jan 20, 2002 03:51 PM

Full Key Lunch Redux

  • j

After the rousing success of the first Chowhound luncheon at Full Key in Chinatown late last year, a general upswell has arisen to repeat it. We have chosen Wednesday, January 30, for this occasion, and have so far got commitments from six people. We think there should be room for more, as they have some large tables. Any interest?

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  1. Count me in, please.

    Marty L.

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    1. re: Marty L.

      Is there room for one more? If so, please count me in, and let me know the time--the date is Wednesday, Jan. 30, yes?

      1. re: Elyse I.

        The time is noon. We'll fit you in.

    2. Count me in as well.

      1. Is 12 noon convenient for everyone who's coming?

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        1. re: James G

          Noon is fine with me.....were you going to reserve a table? It has been mighty crowded at lunch recently.


          1. re: Jim Zurer

            I think a table should be reserved, but I have not done so yet. Do they take reservations?

            1. re: James G

              They do.....I will probably go by tomorrow [Friday] at noon. I can do it. How many are we?


                  1. re: James G

                    11.....when we had 11 at dinner for New Year's Eve, they put a square table at the "bottom" of a round one.


                    1. re: Jim Zurer

                      Is that going to be OK?

                      1. re: James G

                        I did stop by yesterday and made the reservation.....So we are on for 11 people at noon on Wednesday, January 30.

                        Jim Zurer

                        1. re: Jim Zurer

                          Hi, Sorry for the late entry -- I've been in Asia and out of email range. Any chance for one more (a former resident of China and Chinese food enthusiast) to join?


                          1. re: Rich

                            Should be OK, since I am likely going to be a no-show, unless I can finagle (sic) a slightly longer break from an all-day meeting I am committed to attending tomorrow. But if I don't make it, I'd like a raincheck to meet a fellow China hand!

        2. Count me in too! 12 noon is fine with me.

          1. We now have 9 confirmed, so we probably only have room for one more.