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Jan 19, 2002 05:39 PM

Experiences with Restaurant Week

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Hi Chowhounds,

Has anyone had any good experiences with the latest Restaurant Week promotion that they would like to share? I read the nice review of Taberna. It sounds like a good time was had by all.


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  1. Just got back from a very enjoyable lunch at Goldoni. The $20 Restaurant Week lunch special starts with a beautiful salad of endive, radicchio and arugula with a balsamic dressing. The main course is either a marvelous tagliatelle with a rich, luscious veal ragu or an expertly grilled piece of salmon. The desert was a tiramisu-type concoction. Everthing is served in wonderful surroungings with knowledgable service and an excellent Chianti by the glass($7.50).

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      It sounds great. We are looking for a place for lunch.
      thanks for the detailed description.


    2. We tried Equinox last night. Two of the three of us did the restaurant week promotion. Because the regular menu is pretty expensive, the three courses for 30 bucks was a very good deal. There were two choices for each of the three courses. I opted for chestnut soup with shrimp, sea bass, and chocolate creme brulee. All three were quite delicious, and the dessert was really great -- like a pot de creme with a nice crunch. I'm a maniac for good chocolate desserts and this was right up there with the best I've ever had. The service was very attentive, and there was a complimentary starter of a fried oyster with nice caviar and a glass of sparkling wine. We all three thoroughly enjoyed our meals.

      1. The hubby and I enjoyed a great dinner at Mendocino Grille and Wine Bar on Sunday night. We were really glad to see that they were participating in Restaurant Week this time around, because I am a foodie and my husband is an oenophile, and this place let's us both indulge. Their $30.02 price fix menu included a choice of three appetizers, three entrees, and three desserts. What I liked about their menu, is that what was on the restaurant week menu was also on their regular menu, so you could see what a deal you were getting. I was relieved, because I had heard some complaints from some people that thought the "special" restaurant week menu was second class to the restaurant's regular menu. Anyway...the food was yummy yummy as usual for this restaurant. For the appetizers, you could pick from the soup of the day (which was roasted eggplant when we were there), mesclun salad with pecans and those yummy little grape tomatoes, or mussels. For the entrees the picks were roasted chicken with scallion mashed potatoes (doesn't sound like much, but trust me, it was to die for), herb-crusted salmon with a couscous roll, or a vegetarian medley. Lastly, for dessert you could pick from chocolate mousse in a chocolate cup, carrot cake with ginger sauce, or sorbet terrine (I didn't have it this time, but I've had this dessert before, and it is scrumptious). All in all, a great experience. I would highly recommend it. I think we spent more on the bottle of vino than we did on our two meals combined!!!

        :-) Debbie

        1. I had dinner at Legal Sea Food, wary of the fact that they're a chain. Their restaurant week menu had a choice of their famous clam chowder or a salad, 6 different entrees (i had the crab cakes and my companion had crab stuffed jumbo shrimp, but there was also lobster pasta, a grilled seafood medley and steak and something else), and a choice of key lime pie or a chocolatey dessert. Not the best deal - essentially you're getting a free dessert for the promotional price, but decent if you're in the mood for seafood and a good key lime pie.

          1. my parents were in town this past weekend so they took me to the oval room, and i had the restaurant week dealie. yum it was so delicious. on the waiter's recommendation, we ordered this $50+ bottle of wine, Morgan Pinot Noir. goddamn, that was good wine. i had a cod cake appetizer which was so creamy inside, really crispy outside, with jicama slaw. the ricotta gnocchi were also luscious, with a truffle scented sauce.

            for an entree i had an asian brisket, fatty but soo delicious, the sauce was thin and a little sweet. with yams and snow peas, i don't like snow peas. my mom's salmon was great, too, and my dad had some kind of fish that came with two kinds of beets in the tiniest dice. dicing beets that small must have taken forever.

            dessert was a yucky plantain ice cream and banana thing, i don't like bananas either. all in all, great meal, great service.