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Jan 18, 2002 07:19 AM

Rest. suggestions for Chowhound married to anti-Chowhound

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My husband and I enjoy eating out, are new in the Rockville area, and are overjoyed with the incredible number of restaurants. We are both vegetarians, which is not a big deal to us, but my husband is fairly picky - prefers pizza and mac/cheese, to my "Wow! How do you pronounce that?" mentality.

Any recommendations in the Rockville area, for restaurants that can feed us both, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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  1. Try Addie's. It's a so-called new style American place across from the White Flint mall on Rockville Pike. It's in a small yellow house that you can easily miss in the myriad of Rocvkille strip malls around there. I've never had anything there that didn't agree with me. You'll be certain to find food you can both enjoy. The entrees run around $20-$25 each for dinner.

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      Thanks, Brian. We (my wary husband and I) will try Addie's next weekend.

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        Please be sure to post an opinion of your experience there. I would be particularly interested to know how the place is doing as I used to be the sous chef there a couple of years ago.

    2. One of the most interesting restaurant experiences of my life happened just outside of Barcelona a little over a year ago. I was there with my wife to attend a function related to my industry that involved a number of dinners and social gatherings. Just prior to the beginning of this I made a reservation for my wife and I at the three Michelin starred El Raco de con Fabes which is considered by many to be the greatest restaurant in all of Spain. We went and the resulting 17 course meal is still the finest of my life. I should note that some of the various courses involved interesting textures and unusual aromas with several flavors that I had never experienced before. In truth for several of these courses we didn't know what we were eating and we really didn't want to know. But they were incredibly delicious.
      I was so enthused by this meal that I told a long standing friend of mine who runs a major company in my industry. Trusting my opinion (!?) he talked another couple that he and his wife were originally scheduled to out to dinner with into joining us with the result that all six of us went back to El Raco on our last night in Barcelona. (Amazingly they had a cancellation and we were able to get in.)
      We repeated the meal. I should note that his friend's wife-not knowing what she was getting into-was not an adventurous eater. In fact there were only certain brands of Macaroni and Cheese that she would eat and although she liked tomatoes she wouldn't eat ketchup. She would also cut off the potato skin if a bit of it had been left on her McDonald's french fry.
      Well, when the first course arrived it was a quail egg in a frothy white sauce. After poking it around a few times she announced that she thought she might pass.
      The second course was one of the most incredible tastes of foie gras that I have eveer experienced. She didn't eat foie gras.
      The third was some type of shelfish presented on top of its reddened shell. For this she actually looked rather horrified, aghast that it might jump out of the plate at her.
      By this time all of us at the table began to realize that it was becoming quite unlikely that she would have a single bite of anything in this four hour, seventeen course meal. I also noted that on several of the rolls she was trying to pick off the various seeds before taking a bite. (At some point she gave up and never even tried the bread. Did I also say that the butter was unsalted?) We also realized that some of this was simply exquisite and we weren't likely to make it back to Barcelona anytime soon.
      So we started asking her if she would mind if we had a bite or two each of that which she didn't want to eat.
      She was relieved.
      We were ecstatic.
      Because of her we were able to share a number of dishes that allowed each of us an extra bite or two. To this day my wife and I and the others are indebted to her for her generosity. Her absolute refusal to try something that didn't look or smell quite right put the meal over the top for us allowing us to feel totally sated when it was over.
      But she did miss a helluva meal. And she still makes a good story.
      Sooner or later this could happen to you. If the food is really good be glad your husband is so picky. If there are others at the table they may be appreciative of this.

      By the way I think her husband said she lost weight on this trip.

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        What a fantastic read!! Great story. I feel sorry for people like your friend's wife. There is a similar thread on Wine Spectator message boards of serving wine to people-who-don't-know-wine. I am lucky to have a chowhound for a spouse, but my sister, alas, is a picker. I love her and love hanging out with her, but eating with her is always an exasperating experience. I once watched her pick out the spinach in a beautiful rolled chicken breast florentine. Why? Well....because it's spinach, that's why. (((((SIGH)))))

        :-) Debbie

      2. The VEGETABLE GARDEN on Rockville Pike just north of nicholson lane is a great vegetarian chinese restaurant. the food is not too "out there" and for the five years i was a vegetarian, i foiund it to be a wonderful place to dine. everything there is vegetarian or vegan. i haven't been in the area for some time so please take this advice with a grain of salt

        1. Try Yuan Fu, a vetgetarian Chinese restaurant up near the Rockville Pike/Viers Mill Road intersection