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Feb 5, 2001 05:56 PM

Jerusalem artichokes?

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Where, oh where, can I find Jerusalem artichokes? I've been hunting off and on for a while and have nearly given up hope of ever finding these delightful things. My friend had a poke around Whole Foods and Mollie Stones this weekend and didn't see them. The only place I haven't tried yet is Berkeley Bowl...

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  1. Berkeley Bowl and Monterey Market

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      Barry Kaufman

      Also known as sunchokes ---- berkely bowl, and whole foods, sometimes Andronicos

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      Belated reply: When they're in season, Rainbow (Folsom/Duboce) usually has them.

      BTW, anyone who likes to bake or simply enjoys using lots of different grains should check this place out if unfamiliar. Amazing selection and better prices than many, since it's a co-op. Almost everything is organic; decent cheese section; no "flesh" of any kind though.