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Jan 17, 2002 04:31 PM

Samos in Baltimore?

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From what I've heard and read this is supposed to be one of the best Greek places in Baltimore. I'm thinking of checking it out as I plan on visiting Baltimore this weekend (from NYC).

Any reports?

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  1. It's the best *cheap* Greek place in Baltimore, definitely. Comfort-food heaven: I love the moussaka, dolmathes, and taramasolata. The garlicky chicken and lamb are good, too, if you're counting your calories. Fair warning: This is definitely a neighborhood place — they also serve subs and pizza — but don't let that scare you off.

    For a bit more money and a "better" atmosphere (dim lighting, tablecloths, art on the wall, and all that), try Ikaros, also in Greektown. While you're in Greektown, be sure to visit one of the markets, too. Lots of great Greek cheeses, olives, wines, etc.

    If you're thinking of the trendy, fancy, much, much more expensive Greek food that's emerged in Baltimore and Queens, try Black Olive or Karabela's in Fells Point. Both are great; BO is cozy and homey, K's is more for the flashy, trendy crowd.

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      Didn't Karabela's close?

      1. re: Polly

        Yep, Karabels is closed. I wasn't all that wowed by Ikaros when I went there, but I agree the markets are great. Has anyone ever been to Opa on I think Aliceanna? I drive past it and get curious but then I never go.

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          Samos is great, especially for the money. By the way, it's BYOB. If you happen to forget, there's a small deli across the street that sells Greek (and other) wine).

          Opa was one of (if not) the first of the "upscale" Greek restaurants in Baltimore. My wife and I tried it about four years ago and really liked it; we went back a couple of months ago. I'd still recommend it. The service and appetizers are great; our fish was a little too well done though. Nice ambiance as well.

          1. re: asun

            Thank you all so much!

            I'm looking forward to checking this place out. What I'm really after is seeing how the grilled octopus is...if they have it. If not, the other "comfort foods" sound great too.

            Thanks again chowhounds!