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Jan 17, 2002 08:58 AM

Zagat DC/Baltimore 2002

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I am now officially addicted to this message board and I can't think of a more educated and adventurous group of diners in the DC/Balto area. This being said, I recently received (requested) the Zagat Survey for the upcoming 2002-2003 edition. I have never had much faith in this book for guiding my dining choices, but they offer a free copy when you participate and I figured it will at least be useful for phone numbers and addresses. But I got to thinking that if the Chowhounds got their hands in it, it might turn out be a worthwhile edition.

If anyone is interested, email a request to or call 202-333-5474. The deadline is Feb. 25th. The survey is very long and detailed...I think I will fill it out over a dinner at one of my favorite restaurants :-)

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  1. You can also find copies of the forms at some local establishments; I picked up a copy at World of Wines on Wisconsin Ave in Glover Park.

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    1. re: James G

      Just got off the phone with them. I can personally guarentee that there will be at least three new listing next year that will fall into the crummy but OMG delicious file.

      And on a seperate note the Vienna Inn is a great place for beer & dogs

    2. I'd love a copy of the survey, as I'm in the Baltimore/DC area, and dine out often. Can you send it via email or do you need my mailing address? I'm pretty new to these message boards,but am really enjoying them so far!

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        Email a request to or call 202-333-5474.