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Jan 16, 2002 11:47 PM

Any really good hot dog places in DC area?

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Does anyone know of any really good hot dog places in the metro DC area?

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  1. For a gourmet hot dog with table service, the weiner (& fries? homemade chips?) at Johnny's Half-Grill near DuPont Circle Metro has been getting good notice. It's about $7.50. It's a seafood restaurant.

    1. Ben's Chili Bowl on 13th and U is fabulous. The chili dog and the chili half-smoke (a bigger, spicier sausage) are mouth-wateringly good.

      1. I have heard from several reputable sources that the hotdogs at the Vienna Inn in (guess) Vienna are out of sight. It's apparently also a good place for cheap beer and carry out kegs.

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          I went in expecting a great dog, but it was very ordinary. Nothing special about the dog, chili or the cheese wiz. Very over rated.

          Now Ben's Chili Bowl is terrific in upper NW DC. I agree with the other reviw.

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          Tim Greenleaf

          If you want authentic hot dog roadfood, go to Ann's Dari Creme & Famous Foot Longs in Glen Burnie (near BWI airport). It's a "crummy but good"-type place where they deep fry the hot dogs, then slather them in chili and cheese before dropping them into a toasted bun.

          I found this place quite by accident. I was driving by one evening and saw a line out the front door. I figured any place where people would wait like that must be worth a try. When you get there it can be a free-for-all, so don't be timid when you make your order. Space inside is limited, so you'll likely be eating in your car if you can't get one of the dozen stools at the counter. It's worth it though!

          To get there from Wash DC, take I95 north, go east on MD Route 100, and take the MD Route 2/3 exit (Ritchie Highway) north. It's one or two traffic lights ahead on the left, at the entrance to Marley Station Mall.