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Chow Lunch/Meeting At Taberna Friday: See Post Below

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"We need a big round table..."

My wife and Bill so far and my opinions kept to an absolute minimum. Lori? Marty L? James G? Jim Zurer? Who else would like to satisfy their curiosity
with the wonderful opportunity to sample one of D. C.'s best restaurants and take advantage of restaurant week? Please contact me through my e-mail or post directly on here. Hopefully we can have enough to fill a large round table if one is still available.

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  1. But what are the chances this is going to run long b/c it's a workday lunch (& a brisk 10-min. walk away from the office for me) so I can't stay for 90 min. for example.
    Also, how would the bill be split since some drink wine with lunch? I love a good wine but I need to stick with DC's gourmet tap water for a weekday lunch...

    What time are you thinking of?
    I'll be a bit shy - I won't know any of you 8+0

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    1. re: Lori

      Lori: Part of the appeal is that none of us really know the other . So far, you would be the third female (including my wife) so I don't think you'd necessarily feel outnumbered. As for the time-I made the reservation for noon. As it turns out this is not one of the restaurants offering the special lunch but I am absolutely certain that there will still be plenty for you to choose from that will fit in your budget. The bill? One of us can charge the whole bill (myself or someone else, doesn't matter) and we can divide up amongst ourselves; this allows us to avoid separate bills. If you'd planned on charging it then we can make an arrangement for that also. As for time, well, given the situation it's probably absolutely perfect. If it does run long of course everyone would understand that you wouldn't be able to stay but there's also a chance that one of us could give you a ride if we do break up after an hour or so. But I really don't think you'll feel uncomfortable. My guess is that with our common interests this could be an excuse to get together another time for dinner with our spouses.
      Plus you're able to sample Taberna and know whether or not you want to return.
      By the way if the "thrills" in my e-mail address is a question mark it's because I literally sell roller coasters.

      1. re: Joe

        Is this Joe H, the man who gets such great deals on NTSC to PAL conversions? I'm the girl who sits at the front desk at your favorite duplication house :-)
        What a small world!

        1. re: Ronna

          Yep. I knew the world would know me when I mentioned rollercoasters!
          God, it is a small world isn't it!

          1. re: Joe

            How funny! Well, now you not only contribute to my salary, you give me good food advice too ;-)
            Take care, and enjoy your lunch at Taberna!

            1. re: Ronna

              I gather that this is for Friday (tomorrow). If so, then count me in!!

        2. re: Joe

          They're CLEARLY on the Reataurant Week list for lunch only, on the DCinspires website & in the Post ads!

          I really wanted to take advantage of a $20.01 deal at a participating restaurant since it includes appetizer & dessert...

          1. re: Lori

            It was the Washington Post website where I saw the list which excluded them. Having said that I called Taberna and the Post list was wrong!
            Yes, Taberna IS offering the special Restaurant Week promotion. Also, we can have some people at the table take advantage of it while others can order a la carte if they wish.
            Sorry for the confusion.


            1. re: Joe

              Should I ask for the Chowhounds reservation when I arrive? heh heh

              1. re: Lori

                It'll be in my last name, Heflin. But we'll probbly be standing around the entrance at noon. (Right now, six including yourself have committed.) We look forward to meeting you then.

      2. Total of six committed.

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          1. re: Joe

            Hi! I've been following the conversation and I'm tempted, as are a couple of my friends so (tentatively) count us in! what is the closest metro stop?

            1. re: Nora

              Hi, Nora. Yes, we can accommodate all three of you (total). I just called Taberna and they actually have a table that seats a total of ten. If all three of you commit then we will have this. If only one of you commit then we will still have the table for eight in another part of the restaurant. But please, let me know definitely tonight. The restaurant wants to free one of these two tables and is waiting for our answer. There are seven confirmed (without yourselves). I really do not want a long table since there would not be an opportunity for everyone to talk; with a round table it justs works better.
              I'm hoping that you can come but please let me know as soon as possible. It's a good group and should be a lot of fun.
              Please don't hesitate to e-mail me direct. Thanks.

              1. re: Joe

                I need to confirm the larger table with the restaurant. If it is only you then we have a total of eight and will use the table in their main dining room. If it is you and two friends then they have a large round table in a private room that we can have. But they want to know by 10:00AM. Also, I do not want to "leave them hanging." Please let me know or I will confirm for the table for eight since there are a total of seven who are 100% definite. Thanks for understanding.

                1. re: Joe

                  eeks, sorry I didn't confirm last night, I guess let's just say I'm definitely in, and if my other friends from work decide to come they can just get another table. They said they were interested yesterday, but I don't want to take away the other table from the restaurant and then not have them show. anyhoo, see you all at noon!

                  1. re: Nora

                    Thanks for the understanding, Nora. We look forward to seeing you at noon. I think we have a great group.


                    1. re: Joe

                      So, how did it go? Who ordered what? What was the best entree/dessert/apetizer etc.

                      1. re: Isabela

                        In all we were, I think, 10 people, and an excellent time was had by all. Several of us (myself included) went for the restaurant week special--a very nice potato and calamari soup, followed by a choice of either a duck in a port sauce or a fish dish (I had the duck, so don't remember the specifics of the fish dish; the duck that I had was a bit cold and did not seem to be very port-y, but perhaps I misunderstood the description), and finished with a torreja (a Spanish dessert made of slices of crustless bread, doused in an egg was and fried, and then topped with sugar and served with a dollop of ice cream; very nice). I thought that, for $20, it was a nice menu, and relatively well made. I will allow the others to report on their meals.

                        As for the company, one would expect that a group of Chowhounds, regardless of whether they had met before or not, would have a wonderful time. I thought that everyone was very nice, interesting, and adept at chewing with their mouths closed. What more could you want??

                        1. re: James G

                          I also had the $20 Restaurant Week special, but chose the mahi mahi, which had a sweet-pepper based sauce. I enjoyed my meal, did not bloat me at all. What always perks me up at the higher-priced restaurants is the service - we had 2 waiters who were quite attentive I thought. I usually eat in cheaper restaurants with casual, just adequate service & average or sparse decor. We even had our own private room which some of us joked was like a library. The rest of Taberna is very pretty. I enjoyed hearing everyone's stories & experiences 8+)
                          P.S. Restaurant deals continue at www.dcinspires.com, I think until Jan. 31...