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Jan 15, 2002 12:16 PM

China Garden in Rosslyn

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Anyone been to this place? If so, do you have recommendations? I am being taken to lunch there and am a bit nervous, having lived in China/HK.

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  1. I have not been there but even if your worst fear is realized it still wouldn't have been as bad as the highly rated Chinese I once went to in Victoria, B. C. where Kung Pao chicken was available...with a day's notice.

    1. Not the best Chinese in the area, but not the worst either. They seem to get alot of business from Chinese tour groups.

      Their chow foon is decent.

      1. Actually, my wife and I were just there on January 1, 2002, for dim sum with friends from Seattle, and I very much enjoyed the meal. While the selection isn't overwhelming, what they do they mostly do well. As for recommendation, their low bak gow is particularly good (it may be easier to ask for it), and their noodles are quite good too.

        In fact, I've been to virtually every dim sum restaurant in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area over the past five years, and there is no place I or my family have enjoyed more (one of my family's best friends even had his wedding banquet there). Of course, it's not Hong Kong or Vancouver or Toronto, but what in the area is?

        So you can relax and have a good meal!

        1. Yuck! Despite the presence at the restaurant of Chinese embassy people who were clearly entertaining visitors from the Mainland, this was a rather disappointing lunch. We even ordered in Chinese, which usually does something to improve the quality of what they serve us, but this time to no avail. The garlic-flavor beef (yuxiang rousi) was more like that typical mysterious brown sauce one often finds in Chinese restaurants, though the dry cooked Sichuan string beans (ganbian siji dou) were actually more or less OK. At least I enjoyed the company I was in.

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            I'm slightly confused by your description? Was this the China Garden restaurant at 1100 Wilson Blvd.? Was there dim sum being served, because I thought they served dim sum 7 days a week?

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              Yes, it is at 1100 Wilson Blvd, but they were not serving dimsum at all.