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Jan 14, 2002 02:22 PM


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hello fellow chowhounders.. i was thinking of going to a restaurant called IXIA on charles street.. but i heard the chef left a few months back.. any recommendations from any other hounds regarding IXIA?? should i check it out??

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  1. Disclaimer: I've never been to IXIA.

    A quick search on "Ixia" on this board will certainly give you more details, but the gist of it is that the once-steady flow of rave reviews for Ixia quickly dried up once the original chef left, leaving many people saying "what happened?!"

    Turns out Chef has now opened his own place, Soigne, on Fort Ave. in South Balto/Locust Point. The few reviews we've seen here so far have been good. I also hear the wine list is recently much-improved.

    We're always interested in reviews, good or bad, so let us know (about either place.)


    BTW, I just noticed there isn't really a search function on this board (unless I'm just missing it.) But my browser has one in the Edit menu.

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      you slay me, bud.

      ditto what he said, although Ixia did just get a round of applause in Baltimore Magazine. Then again, it is Baltimore Magazine. Still, someone ought to roll in and give us all an update. Kevin Miller is running the engine room there now, and he is no slouch.

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        Just went to Ixia for a fabulous dinner. They seem to change their menu seasonally and this latest one is really wonderful. The mussel appetizer was especially great.