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Jan 14, 2002 02:08 PM

Sorak Garden Korean restaurant in Annandale

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A friend of mine wants Korean food for her birthday, and another friend recommended Sorak Garden. But a couple of people that might come to her birthday are vegetarians, will they be able to find anything on the menu that they can eat?

I'd appreciate any info, thanks,

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  1. I have not eaten at that particular restaurant -- my wife and I usually go to Hee Been in Annandale, and I recommend that highly. Still, we eat Korean food regularly, and I am confident that your vegetarian friends will find plenty to eat, particularly if they eat fish.

    Even if they are strict vegetarians, they should at least be able to get pan-fried vegetable dumplings (mandoo), scallion pancakes (pajun), and cellophane noodles (japchae) with vegetables.

    1. Sorak Garden is very good, and I believe you will be able to find suitable vegetarian dishes, especially among some of the Japanese-style dishes on the menu. Some of their soups may seem vegetarian, but their stock is usually meat-based, so be careful.