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Jan 13, 2002 09:24 PM

NoVa./ Casual but Great ??

  • j

Where can I find a place with GREAT food where I would be comfortable wearing jeans and ordering a beer. I would prefer Northern VA. I used to go to a place called JR's in Arlington that fit the bill, but I am not sure if they are around anymore.Thanks so much. I have really enjoyed reading this board!
Julie Ann

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  1. f
    foodie in lawyer's clothing

    JR's is still there -- right next to the Tysons Corner mall. (Yuckky, in my opinion). My personal favorite burger-and-a-beer in No. Va., though it's OUT THERE, is the Old Brogue in Great Falls. GREAT burgers, even better Fish and Chips, and terrific beers.

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      I think resturant I was thinking of was called JT's, not JR's - sorry. Thanks for your suggestion.