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Feb 5, 2001 02:35 AM

Eddy's Place, Oakland???

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Anyone been to Eddy's Place in Oakland? Noticed it while headed down Wood St. to the West Oakland post office about 5 blocks away. It was already closed on Saturday night but looked very interesting with signage proclaiming Cajun and Creole Food and U-Haul Rentals.

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  1. I was intrigued and ready to go check it out today @ lunch but my Oakland police friend strongly advised me against it (from a safety not a food angle). Since he and I have gone to many seedy neighborhoods in search of good food I decided I'd listen to him this time.

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    1. re: Jennifer
      Melanie Wong

      Ah well, we'd best take his advice.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        I've not been to Eddy's, but my brother has told me it's very good. We'd made plans to meet there for Sunday brunch. Plans fell through, but recommendation, I gather, still stands.

        1. re: Rich Mintz
          Melanie Wong

          Very interesting! I'd love to hear what's best to order after you've had a chance to recon, Rich.