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Jan 11, 2002 10:20 AM

Banh Mi sources?

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Anyone know of anywhere in the DC area (pref NoVA or DC) that sells Banh Mi, the Vietnamese sandwich?

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  1. See the thread below, started 10/29/01, on "Bale" in Rockville -- great, inexpensive Banh Mi. In NoVa, I'm confident there must be some great options in the Eden Center.

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      Fabulous variety of Banh Mi @ ~5700 Backlick Rd in Springfield (former Hechingers Plaza) name of the new place is Ba Le French Bakery and Deli (and the owners/staff are Vietnamese). Also a great number of other items including 2 kinds of fresh garden rolls, shrimp dishes, chicken dishes, full bakery of breads and sweet baked goods. The prices are great!

    2. I went to the Eden Center today and found a very good number of Banh Mi sources. I ended up going for one at Song Que (near the left-hand corner of the center as you face the central part) and for $2.50 had an excellent grilled pork sandwich. Worth the effort to find them. Also had a bubble drink with it--my first one--and was pleasantly surprised by the taste. Recommended.

      1. Stopped at Ba-li(?) on Rockville Pike previously mentioned. I had Banh Mi with Pate, Headcheese and Jambone ($2.00). Came on a nice, but not perfectly fresh french-bread roll. Included a mixture of shredded daikon and carrot, a cucumber slice, and jalapeno, with a thin smear of mayo. Very delicious. My wife had the grilled lemongrass chicken Banh Mi ($3.50).

        We also had an order of the garden rolls, and an order of the house rolls. The later inluded a slice of omelet and a slice of an asian pork sausage. Very good.

        This little deli has lots to like, including some prepared foods and some semi-prepared. Great prices as you can see.