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Jan 10, 2002 05:19 PM

Restaurant advice in DC please

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I have been recommended to either DC Coast or Olives for my one free night in DC .. we love a relaxed atmosphere where we can enjoy fresh, well prepared food with great flavours .... any advice on these two restaurants or others would be appreciated.

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  1. I have heard good things about Olives but have never personally attended. I have heard (from Washingtonian and other sources) that the quality at DC Coast has been declining significantly over the past few years. If you are the mood for delicious seafood at a marvelous new restaurant, try Oceanaire Seafood Room. While some argue that their dishes result in sensory overload, the portions are sizeable and the atmosphere is ambient.

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      The only time I have sent a dessert back was at Olives. Neither DC Coast nor Olives are culinary Meccas. They are very hyped. DC Coast started out great but is now just OK. Olives was never great. After three attempts I gave up. Just because Snyder and the Redskins hang out there does not make it good. My favorite is Marcel's on Pennsylvania Avenue (near Georgetown) I also like Galileo and Teatro Goldoni for Italian. For casual Italian and a very good value I recommend Etrusco in Dupont Circle. Great food, spotty service at times. For "simple" Seafood I like Sea Catch and a more upscale option is Kinkeads.

    2. I have not eaten a real meal at DC Coast in a while (martinis don't count, do they?) but I've heard that it has declined. However, I had lunch at Olives this week, my first meal there, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Beef carpaccio appetizer (a little large but delicious) and, for an entree, the sweet pumpkin risotto with hazelnut butter with scallops. TO DIE FOR. My companion and I split the vanilla bean souffle for dessert - there wasn't a drop left. Hope that helps!