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Jan 9, 2002 06:03 PM

Milano's of Centreville

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As a service to the Chowhound community, on my way home from work today I stopped at Milano's in Centreville (which an earlier thread indicated had promising pizza). I ordered a small (10") pie with mushrooms and extra garlic and took it home to go with dinner. Regretfully I must report that it did not make the grade. The sauce was wan, the crust limp and flavorless and nothing about it cut the mustard. I ended up adding some more fresh garlic (I'm Hungarian, what can I say?), oregano and red pepper flakes and that helped somewhat, though it was still missing that tomato-y flavor that I associate with good NY-style pies. Sorry!

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  1. James: Thanks for taking one for the team!

    I'll stick to non-pizza at Milano's, and let the search for good pizza around here continue. :>)

    1. Sylvano's in Herndon is the closest you will come to a New York pie in the entire D. C. area. Probably 80 to 90% of a good NY pie (not a great one). I do not believe you can duplicate the crust here.

      1. Good call on the Sylvana's pizza... Costas does one of the best pies around here.

        Milanos does excellent Greek food, though. Their gyro platter is something I daydream about. It's a great little restaurant run by a great family... not bad for the usual dull VA suburban restaurants (especially in THIS part of Fairfax County where a hot night out is at the local Ruby Tuesday's).

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          This is something I don't understand. We Fairfax county residents live in one of THE wealthiest counties in the USA and most of our restaurants are either chains (like Ruby Tuesday, Olive Garden, Applebees) or small ethnics...which are fine but sheesh! occasionally we'd like to go to a restaurant with an innovative menu..something like Kinkead's new Tysons Corner area restaurant but with the prices a bit lower. We tried the Blue Iguana last spring...seemed to be a step up from Macaroni Grill (and there were no infants in carriers sitting on adjacent tables, thank goodness) but the restaurant itself was not fresh (stale air, worn carpet, & a feeling of not being truly clean).

          1. re: Anova

            This is one of the mysteries of the universe. My theory is that most of the people who make Fairfax so wealthy work in DC so the restaurants tend to be focused there. This falls apart when one considers then the reasons for Bethesda's apparent immunity to the suburbs=bad food conundrum. There are a few relative bright spots in Fairfax--Auberge Chez Francois, Bailiwick Inn, Maestro, the Hermitage in Clifton--but these are few and (literally) far between. It has often occurred to me that my true calling is to open a good, not too expensive, restaurant in Fairfax, but entropy has gotten the better of me, I'm afraid.

            1. re: James G

              James: You were probably not living here then, but there used to be a really really good spot in Burke, of all places, called the Fern Street Bistro (Named after a sibling in Shirlington).

              Damn, this place was good. You would have loved it. We only got to eat there twice before a heartless landlord (OK, so heartless was redundant) decided to clean house and drove all the tenants out, including this wonderful little restaurant/wine shop.

              Did you mention the Hermitage in Clifton? Blech. Our food was way too salty; at those prices that guarantees from our perspective what they say about teams that make early exits from the playoffs: one and done.

              You might want to check out the Black Coffee Bistro over in Middleburg. They have just reopened after a substantial renovation, so I would like to hear the verdict.

              1. re: Bob W.

                I have been to the Hermitage (I think that's the place; used to be an inn during the Civil War or something?) twice, both times for brunch, and both times it was very good. Never been there for anything more challenging, so perhaps I should reserve judgement on them.