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Jan 8, 2002 08:15 PM

2 Amys -- the best yet

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We had a very pleasant if not inexpensive meal at 2 Amys tonight. The pizzas were excellent...more well-baked then usual. I had the vongole (cockles--actually small clams in the shell); the pizza had cheese (unorthodox with clams), hot pepper,and anchovies--very delicious. My wife had her usual Norcia--salami and peppers--which she enjoyed very much. For starters, I had a nice mixed salad--overpriced at $5.25, but good--and my wife had the roast peppers--exceptionally silky--with tasty anchovies and delicious olive oil.

We drank a Salice Salentino from Puglia (we had passed through this very vineyard area last Fall on our last trip to Italy) which was very drinkable--smooth and almost French tasting--and cost $18 the bottle.

I had the blood orange sherbert for dessert--tart and refreshing--and a huge portion for $3.95.

All in all, an exceptionally enjoyable meal--but the bill ended up over $70, including tax...not exactly bargain fare.

We will be back again very soon, I am sure.

Jim Zurer
Washington DC

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  1. I had a similar experience there. Although the food was good, not great, we found it a bit pricey for what was basically pizza & salad. Our server was a bit condescending to us, trying to explain that their pizza is "officially licensed" from an italian pizza organization.

    The only other gripe is the noise level. There is a lot of tile and kids, which doesn't make for a quiet dinner.

    Overall, I still prefer Pizza Paradisio (half-brother to Two Amys) but Two Amys is still better than 99.9% of pizza in DC.