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Jan 8, 2002 02:13 PM

Steak & Cheese In N. VA

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I have not had a good Steak & cheese sub since they tore down my favaorite place in Ballston 10 years ago. Does anyone know of a good place in Northern VA. Preferably near Arlington.

\ Tim Mehok

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  1. Mario's on Wilson Blvd. & Monroe St. near Clarendon
    has been there since 1957. The absolute best. Looks
    rough, tastes great. Anthony's in Falls Church on Broad
    St. next to the post office is a very close second.
    I have lived in south Florida now for 23 years and
    have yet to find anything remotely as good as these two
    places. As soon as I hit town, I make a bee-line for a
    Mario's steak and cheese. I realize it's a sickness,
    but many people who grew up in Falls Church and Arlington are similarly afflicted.

    1. b
      Bill Frischling

      It's a bit out of the way, but Dave and Buster's (believe it or not) in Rockville ships the bread, steak and cheese in from Philadelphia. It's the only place I've found in D.C. that does authentic Philly Cheesesteaks. I'll drive 45 minutes from my house at least once a month to get one.