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Jan 6, 2002 12:23 PM

Baltimore Dim Sum Update

  • j

Someone (can't find the post) mentioned that there was Dim Sum at Eastern Buffet on W. Patapsco Ave. Curious, I went there this weekend.

I thought y'all would find it interesting to know that most of the old team (including the dim sum Chef) from the dear, departed Grand Palace in Glen Burnie have landed at this restaurant. Don't be alarmed that you'll see a buffet when you walk in--that's the other part of the business.

The food was comforting and tasty, much like meeting an old friend you've not seen for a couple of years. Everything tasted much like I remembered it. The selection is a little less than what Grand Palace had been, but the given the fact that we were only 1 of 4 tables when we went there, things were pretty much cooked to order, a big plus in our book.

I understand that business has been slow because no one knows that this has occurred. I'm sure that with this post, business will pick up tenfold.

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