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Jan 3, 2002 12:13 PM

Salt Packed Anchovies - where to buy in DC/MD area?

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Looking for salt packed anchoives.......not the canned ones in oil. Tried D&D in Georgetown and a couple of Italian markets w/o success.

Recommendations on where to buy these in NW D.C. or Montgomery County?

Thanks in advance.

p.s. while I am at it, where can I find bread starter (sponge) in the area?

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  1. I saw them in an Italian grocery/deli/takeout/eat-in place on Connecticut Ave. in Dupont Circle. I can't remember the name of the place, but it's on the same side of the street as The Burro. Other DC hounds can probably provide the name of the place.

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      Via Reggio, on Conn Ave, between R & S on east side of Conn.

    2. I have bought them by the pound at Vignola Italian market/restaurant in Rockville, near Magruders on N. Washington Street. They also sell a great big tin, although I have a hard time working through all those fishies.

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        Try A & H Seafood in Bethesda. They are also a great source for spanish, portuguese, and brazilian items (fish, cheese, meat, frozen, canned and dry goods, and get fresh fish from Galicia every Thursday, including sometimes percebes. Always merluza (the kind you get in Spain) but get there by Friday noon, it sells out fast.

        1. re: annieb

          I love that place! Great prices on salmon and swordfish, fresh anchovies and mussels. Real Florida snappers, too. They also sell a good brand of Spanish virgin olive oil for less than five dollars a liter--I prefer Spanish oil for making lemon-garlic oil, which I gave as Christmas gifts this year, because it is less bitter and assertive, more buttery and soft than Italian oil. I like supporting small, old-style merchants like the brothers who own A&H, especially when the quality is high and prices lower than big biz stores like Fresh Fields.

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            Please do tell the address of A&H Seafood in Bethesda. I'm pretty familiar with the area but don't ever recall seeing it. Thanks.

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              The A&H Seafood place is in Bethesda to the Mercedes shop, across the street from Penang restaurant. It is a real hole in the wall place.

      2. A while ago the Post listed the following sources in addition to those mentioned in the earlier messages:
        A. Litteri, 517 Morse St DC
        Italian Store, 3123 Lee Highway Arlington
        Marchiones, Triangle Lane, Wheaton
        Vace, Bethesda and DC
        I have bought them at Marchione's but can't vouch for the others. Litteri's is worth a visit anyway though.

        1. I was surprised to see during a stop at D&D to get some prosciutto that they have salt-packed anchovies by the pound, so you can buy just what you need. The price was, well, Dean & Deluca-esque, but if you cannot get through a whole can (and remember, you can always buy the can, wash them up and put them in your own olive oil and keep them for quite some time) this is a good alternative.

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            Please don't change the names of threads unless the topic changes significantly. I thought this was a message about D&D, but it was merely a continuation of the anchovy thread.

            Thanks, Jim

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              Sorry, got accustomed to a different board's practice, where you are *supposed* to change the subject line on responses.

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                Hi James, You can change the thread name if the subject has really drifted away from the original intent. When a hash brown potato thread begins to morph into how to keep the grill clean that you're cooking them on, for instance. Many of us use Hot Posts and it doesn't show the continuity of a thread, so if someone resonds with a "Right on!" or "Count me in!", we don't know what they're talking about! Bottom line: when in doubt, communicate within the text of the message. Pat