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Feb 4, 2001 03:00 AM

When Chefs Attack!

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I was watching tv last night and saw an ad for a real trashy show that is going to be on next Friday ( 9th ) ....when Chefs attack! One of those shows - a la cops...chefs going wild and attacking waiters, etc...
The problem is that I can't remember what channel it's supposed to be on ....probably 20 or 44 but does anybody know for sure? I'll check the tv schedule in the Sunday paper....promises to be a real guilty pleasure!

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    Melanie Wong

    The Jerry Springer de cuisine?

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Is that a fly in my soup? Only if you're lucky! I couldn't watch the whole show....too disgusting. I'm trying my best to block out some of those images from my memory. I've been in a fair amount of kitchens but never like the ones on that show....yeeech. I'm not even going to go into any detail about this show. Moving on.....

    2. Got info from, link below


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      1. re: Rochelle

        Thanks! I'm officially lowering my expectations but hoping for the best! (or worst?)

        1. re: gordon wing
          Melanie Wong

          I mentioned the concept of this show to our server and the restaurant owner at dinner tonight, and they both said it was too close to the truth to be entertaining!

          1. re: gordon wing

            I believe that I've seen this before. It's videos of disgruntled cooks doing unspeakable things to food which is then served to customers. Sort of the perfect show to watch while reading Kitchen Confidential!