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Jan 1, 2002 05:30 PM

Lunching near L'Enfant Plaza

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Any decent places to go for lunch near l'Enfant Plaza? There are lots of identical office building sandwich joints, and the by-the-pound salad bar and buffet in l'Enfant Plaza called Potomac Food Court isn't bad (though a bit pricey), but I hate to go to the same places every couple of days. (And buying two $1 McChicken sandwiches - no mayo - combining the meat and letttuce, and throwing away one bun is my occasional caloric splurge.)

Anything I missed? The Air & Space Museum cafeteria (very pricey) has closed, and will be replaced by...
.. McDonalds!!!!


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  1. The cafateria under the art museums (the passageway between the east and west buildings) is passable for that type of fare. They have a made-to-order sandwich bar. And, it's a good place for people watching.

    As for the Air & Space cafateria, it was always awful.

    1. if you are not averse to a metro ride, 2 stops away is Le Bon Cafe, 1 block from Cap South Metro -- on 2nd, just south of Penn Ave. Really great sandwiches and salads. I worked there 10 years ago, really love the food. It is a very popular lunch destination for Library of Congress types. Kind of expensive -- but great if untraditional salade nicoise, good bread from Uptown bakers, often really good soups etc.

      1. A place I have always found acceptable is the Vie de France Cafe which is in the building above the L'Enfant Metro's North exit. Enter through the open area next to the bakery. It is near the entrance at 6th and D SW. There are a couple of dining rooms and an atrium where you can sit.

        1. Try Roma's at the east end of L'Enfant Plaza Mall. Its subs (especially on "pizza bread") are terrific. There are also a number of other restaurants in the mall which are not too bad.