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Dec 28, 2001 04:04 PM

Moving to North Eastern Silver Spring - Need help finding good food

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I am moving in January to an area just south of Burtonsville off Rt. 29. I am not familiar with the area and could use some assistance in finding good food.

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  1. hmmm.....
    Oddles Noodles over in Bethesda is all I can think of -- you're sort in the "wasteland" for food.

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    1. re: Amfortas

      Having grown up in that part of Montgomery County and moved away in the late '80's I feel that I'm somewhat of an authority about where to find good food near where you are moving.

      Uh, well, now that I think of it that was one of the contributing reasons for why I moved.

      Having said that Le Mannequin Pis in Olney is exceptional but this is a 15 minute or so drive. Downtown Silver Spring, which in the '50's and '60's was Maryland's second largest city is still under redevelopment and a long way away. Neighboring Prince Georges County has the original Ledo's for great pizza near the University of Maryland. But overall your only real choices will be a few places further out in Columbia, a twenty minute or longer drive to downtown Bethesda (which is definitely worthwhile!) or a car that gets very good gas mileage.

    2. The Pennsylvania Dutch market at the intersection of
      29 and 198 sells excellent scrapple. Also whoopie
      pies and all that sort of thing.
      In the shopping center on the opposite side of 29
      from there is a small Chinese place that I can't
      remember the name of. They have some real dishes
      like rice sticks with shredded pork and various
      noodle things- look at the extra menu, not just
      the stuff posted on the wall.
      Via 29 you are closer to downtown Silver Spring
      than to Bethesda, and you can get pretty good Thai,
      Ethiopian, Cuban, and OK Indian there.

      1. Try the following (I've been to a couple):

        In Burtonsville (clustered around Rtes 198 & 29):
        Chapala (Salvadorean), Old Hickory Grill (BBQ & Tex-Mex - personally recommended), Seibel's

        In Olney/Sandy Spring:
        BJ Pumpernickel's (deli), Blue Ox Cafe (Italian/Tex-Mex), French Confection (bakery), Grand Marquis Cafe, Madison's, Olney Ale House (thumbs up for here), Ricciuti's (great pizza - yum), Stained Glass Pub Too, Upper Crust Bakery, Wild Honey Cafe

        In N Silver Spring/White Oak/Cloverly (New Hampshire Ave, Briggs Chaney Rd & Rt 29N):
        Aulette (French - still open??), Cameron's (seafood carry-out), Caribbean Corner, Chef Theo's (Greek), Colesville Corner Cafe (Greek), Giorgio's (Greek), Greek Taverna, Joe's Caribbean Kitchen, Maurya (Indian), Noor's Kebab, Sole d'Italia, Upper Crust Bakery, Viet Palace.

        If you do decide to drive south to downtown Silver Spring, altho the newly-remodeled area has franchise chain restaurants, the older sections still have several independently-owned ethnic restaurants like Bombay Gaylord, Crisfield's (longtime seafood favorite of many), Half Moon BBQ, Mrs K's Tollhouse, My-Le (Vietnamese), Parkway deli (kosher) & Thai Spice. All clustered around Georgia Ave, Colesville Rd, E-W Hwy & 16th St. And much easier parking than in Bethesda!

        Happy eating!

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        1. re: Lori

          Anyone can read a phone book. There is some real trash on this list. Seibel's??? BJ Punpernickel's??? Get serious.

          1. re: Fat Boy

            I haven't been to either, so I can't comment on those restaurants, but it would be much more helpful if you would please suggest something you like better - or explain why you disagree with these recommendations. Please ADD something to the thread, if you can.

            1. re: Fat Boy

              Yes, please don't trash some of my suggestions so vaguely.
              The original chatter asked for "good food" in that area. No mention of exactly what type of cuisine or price level (inexpensive vs moderate vs expensive).

              I listed a lot of places where some people might only list 1 or 2. Pumpernickels is a popular deli that's done good business for a while. Seibels' I hear has great HOME-MADE ice cream...

          2. In addition to Lori's fabulous list and the other recs (Mannequin Pis is a good rec), I'd like to mention that you will be close to Laurel. Not a gourmet hot spot either, but try Pasta Plus for very good and reasonably priced italian food (don't let the name and location fool you); and Red Hot and Blue for some reasonably good ribs, pulled pig, etc. (try the nachos with pulled pig on it and sprinkle with the bbq spice and various hot sauces on the table - some of my favorite junk food).

            1. If you like authentic Thai stuff, try Thai Derm (939 Bonifant St.,Silver Spring, MD -301-589-5341). I stumbled into this place about fifteen years ago, shortly after they first opened, and it's been a regular on my list ever since. It's between Georgia Ave. and Fenton St. (about 3-4 blocks south of the Ga. Ave-Colesville Rd. intersection) and it is definitely worth a visit. I love their chicken Yum Tum(?)i.e., Lemon Grass soup, but I've never been disappointed by anything on their menu.