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Dec 26, 2001 10:15 PM

Kinkead's at Tysons?

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Anyone tried the new outpost for Kinkeads at Tysons corner (I forget the name -- Tyson's Grill?)? A friend stumbled in there for lunch, not knowing what it was, and was raving about it.

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  1. The current issue of Washingtonian gives it two stars with his original in D. C. garnering four. My wife and I had a mediocre introductory experience in its second week but we'll return soon. One visit so soon can often be misleading. I can tell you this, however, that each of the four dining rooms IS distinctly different. The middle one (I can't remember the name) is the one you'll want to sit in. We didn't. We were in the back where it felt like an upscale Denny's with so many booths. I suspect that if we were seated in any of the other dining rooms I wouldn't be so critical of it. In the meantime Maestro in the Ritz Carlton seems to be gathering an awful lot of attention and may be the best in the suburbs.

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      We've not done the Carlton in some time (Tyson's Gallarie is the one I think you're refering to) . It was excellent on our earlier visits.

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        also absolute raves from both Washingtonian and the Washington Post. The restaurant has experienced a total makeover and now is an "inventive" modern Italian
        with a young Italian Michelin starred chef previously from one of the best Italian restaurants in London. It is different from Obelisk, even Laboratorio. But it is extremely ambitious.

    2. I really like Colvin Run Tavern. I've been there once for lunch last week and once for dinner just after it opened. The main thing to understand is that fine dining in Tysons (hotels excluded) consists of 6 high-end chain steakhouses and Colvin Run Tavern.

      They do a great job providing what was lacking in the area, variety. Their menu has a wide variety of items ranging from the traditional chicken, beef and fish to things like liver, sweetbreads, fois gras & squab.

      I thought the decor was excellent, especially considering what was there previously. It has a couple of different themed rooms along with a private room in the back. The bar area also is very nice.