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Dec 23, 2001 04:44 PM

What Is The Single Best Dish You've Had In The Area In 2001?

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What was it? Where? Was there a second dish that was almost as good?

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  1. the shad roe at cashion's eat place in adams morgan this spring.
    served with mustard sauce, pea shoots and bacon on top. salty, rich, silky, a little fishy, and sooo good.
    i only eat in fancy places like that when my parents come to visit.

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    1. re: Rachel

      so many standouts...ok, so this won't be the single. This will be the many.

      I had an UNBELIEVABLY subtle and refreshing gazpacho at Equinox that had the tiniest cubes of crisp, delicate watermelon in the bottom of an otherwise chunkless soup. A wonderful change from the salsa that is normally offered at area restuarants as gazpacho (which I also like). This soup redefined gazpacho for me and has turned me into an unbearable snob on the matter.

      The tasting menu at Yanyu is one of my favorite treats...magnificent peking duck, wonderful little lobster summer rolls (of a sort) and crab claws wrapped in shredded wonton and deep fried...served slowly, deliberately...well worth the cost.

      Still deeply devoted to the seafood udon noodle soup at the 8th Street Teaism -- smoky and mysterious with mussels, shrimp and seaweed and lots of ginger.

      regular bruschetta at Otellos -- very garlicky, great bread grilled with tomatoes that test wonderful no matter what the season.

      The mussels appetizer at District Chophouse, but only if they are hot (so go on a weeknight!)

      Beef Pho at that place that looks like a high school cafeteria in the Asian strip mall across from Home Depot in Fairfax.

      Beef tacos at Baja Fresh -- the corn tortillas are soft and hot, nutty and wonderful. The beef is the right amount of chewy and tender, the tomatillo salsa wonderful

      At Les Halles I had an outstanding summer appetizer -- a mound of ripe ripe ripe avocado topped with crab meat with reduced balsamic vinegar drizzled around BUT NOT ON the food. This was on a particularly bad night for me, existentially, and gave me the strength to make it home and to bed.

      And my own hastily improvised specialty (culled from the only things I had in my freezer and fridge, an odd and almost high brow assortment of ingredients): shrimp tossed with the juice of a fresh lime or lemon, sautteed in garlic and a chopped chipotle with a couple teaspoons of adobo sauce (same can), then sauteed with baby spinach and toasted pine nuts (in the same pan), served on a wilted fresh corn tortilla, topped with sour cream (real please. none of that pale blue low fat crap) and a good tomatillo salsa.

      1. re: pam

        We tried Yanyu just after they opened and still talk about it.

    2. Pigeon (as good as any I've done in Paris)

      (Located where the Georgetown Pike meets Route 7 just past Great Falls and Reston).