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Dec 23, 2001 11:20 AM

Churrascaria style restaurant in DC?

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On my last visit to the States I visited a fab Churrascaria style restaurant in NYC called the Churrascaria Plataforma. I thought it was sensational, but unfortunately could not do it justice as my stomach had not yet recovered from the plane journey.

This time I hope it will be different.

So can anyone recommend a Churrascaria style restaurant in DC where I can re-live the experience.

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  1. There is one called Greenfields in Rockville, Maryland on Rockville Pike.

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      Just visited Green Fields Churrascaria restaurant a couple weeks ago for my dad's birthday. If you like grilled things that once lived (I do), it's ab fab. Don't waste too much of your appetite on the gazillion item soup-salad-food bar--the things there range from eh to slightly better than o.k.--but the meat items--served hot n juicy right off these long poker thingies that the "meat guys" carry around from table to table--soar. Everything we had, from sausage to pork ribs to the duck (for which we had to wait patiently for awhile) was sizzlicious. Well, the beef items tended to be a few too many shades past red-pink for my taste, but everything was fresh and good. And for something like 25 bucks, it was a satisfying meat-fest.