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Dec 20, 2001 05:25 AM

Another reason to love the Helmand!

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So, I'm listening to Morning Edition today, where they're talking about the new leader of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai. As people may know already, many of Karzai's family have emigrated to the US, including several siblings. What I heard today, new to me, is that this family are the owners of my beloved Helmand restaurant right here in Baltimore! So the next time you go over for a fabulous bowl of pumpkin stew or chickpea soup, remember that. Somehow, we're all connected.

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  1. Purty kewl, eh? I believe they are brothers...rats, it was in yesterday's paper too, but I chucked it. NEways, he left Baltimore yesterday to meet Karzai in Rome.

    1. My boyfriend pointed the story out to me also. I haven't lived in Baltimore in 3 years and I've been back to the Helmand only once since then. I love the Helmand and miss going terribly. There is a new Afghan restaurant (the Afghan Grill) in Edison, NJ that is very good. The guy had only been open a little while and 9/11 happened. They have suffered but the Star-Ledger newspaper has written some articles and I think people are starting to go back. It's harder here because a lot of people that died in the WTC lived in NJ. Hopefully, the Afghan Grill will be around for awhile.