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Dec 18, 2001 03:01 PM

Majestic Cafe

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Any fellow chowhounds eaten at the Majestic in Old Town? I've read the review in the Post, but was wondering if others had a opinion about it (what's good/bad, etc.).

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  1. I started to reply to this post, then got knocked off-line, and never got back to it. We ate there a couple of months after it opened. Softshell crabs were tasty. We liked the spoon bread and hush puppies a lot, and the veggieterrarians with us were happy with the mushroom napoleons. The buttermilk pie (or was it chess pie?) was the best thing we ate all night. The breaded pork chops were the only dish that I wouldn't order again--they were breaded, had little flavor, and really needed some sauce or a fresh herb to make them more interesting.

    1. We ate there the other night, and both my wife and I really enjoyed our meal. She had the scallops in a lemongrass-leek sauce, with roasted butternut squash, and i had the duck breast in a lemon bourbon sauce with rice pilaf; we split an order of hush puppies. For the appetizer we split the sweet potato dumplings (with shrimp and pork), and for dessert the chocolate hazelnut cheesecake. Everything was delicious (ESPECIALLY the dumplings, scallops and duck), and we're looking forward to going back again. Service was good, and the main chef, Susan(?) even came out to mingle/talk with guests. Total bill, including the meal, coffee and a glass of wine, plus tip came out to $77. A bit high on the chowhound budget, but definitely worth the splurge now and then when you're in Old Town.