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Dec 18, 2001 01:35 PM

Upscale recommendation near Sterling?

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Looking for an upscale restaurant with great food and atmosphere near the Sterling, Va area. Gift for a friend who works in Sterling. Thank you.

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  1. There are none in Sterling. Nearest would be L'Auberge Chez Francois in Great Falls (by FAR the 1st choice), Le Rivage (Rt. 7 near Sterling line), Tuscarora Mill in Leesburg, Zeferelli's in Herndon even come into Tyson's for Maestro, Capitol Grille and Colvin Run, reportedly, has smoothed out. Great Falls has another interesting restaurant or two, but again, I don't know of a single restaurant in Sterling that would qualify. Some spectacular Christmas lights on Jupiter St. though.

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      Just a note in case you aren't familiar with the area - the places Joe mentions are considered close to Sterling. In the D.C. area, driving 20 minutes is considered a SHORT trip. Sterling itself is a new suburb that has no old town center, etc. The Tyson's Corner or McLean area is the closest area with the type of restaurant you are looking for.

    2. Le Relais where the Georgetown Pike hits Route 7 is rapidly closing on Chez Francois (which, in truth, has slipped a bit since the fire). When Le Relais scores, its A+ (ok, so they hit me in my weak spot -- a wonderful pigeon, served French style).