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Dec 12, 2001 09:58 AM

BWI Area Dining Recommendation sought

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I am picking up my sister, niece and niece's boyfriend at BWI on Friday evening at close to 9pm, and they want to get something to eat after I pick them up. I live near Dulles, so it's a long drive, and I prefer not to wait until 10pm to eat. Anything good, relatively quick, and not too out of the ordinary (they are definitely *not* Chowhounds) that you can recommend? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Assuming you will be travelling back home via I-95 toward the Washington Beltway, you will drive right by Columbia. Not too far off I-95 on Rt. 175 you will find a big cluster of the "chain" restaurants, like Macaroni Grill, but there is also a Hard Times Cafe in that area (Snowden River Pkwy) for some good chili. If you drive a little farther along Rt. 175 into the center of Columbia, there is a Clyde's on the lake which is much more casual than the other Clyde's restaurants.

    If they are a bit more adventurous, there is a good Indian restaurant just off Rt. 32 called Bombay Peacock Grill (get good directions because it's a little hard to find).

    A little father south along I-95 you will also find a few more choices in Laurel. Lots of the big chain places, too, but there is a Red, Hot and Blue on the old Main St., and a great little Italian place called Pasta Plus (in a tiny little strip center between the 2 sides of Rt. 1 - get directions beforehand).

    Hope this gives you a few ideas.

    1. I'd recommend two places. About five minutes from BWI, though a little north, is a placed called G&Ms. Sort of a Greek/seafood restaurant, their speciality is crabcakes, which are HUGE and have very little filler.

      The second restaurant is called "Remomo," and it is located in Arundel Mills. It's family friendly; owned by the same consortium who own the Milton Inn and the Brass Elephant (two excellent restaurants in and around Baltimore). It's gotten a very good write-up in the Sun (link below).

      Also in Arundel Mills is the DuClaw Brewery, which I hear has pretty good food for a brew-pub.

      Arundel Mills is right on your way home from BWI--take 295 South, 100 East, and you'll run into it on your way to 95 South.

      Hope this helps.


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        I'd recommend Gunnings Seafood. Best crabs in Baltimore, though they're pretty pricey now. But they have good seafood, otherwise, too. Right off of Route 100, take the Coca-Cola Drive exit, go to the end, make a left (I think). Can't miss it.