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Dec 11, 2001 09:55 AM

Fresh Goose

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Stopped at Sutton Place last night to order a fresh goose for Christmas. They're going for $6/lb. That makes a nice 12 pounder $72 plus tax!

Has anyone had a goose from Sutton before? Sorry to question the quality, but if you've been to Sutton lately you'd understand. Any other sources that 'hounds are willing to divulge?

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  1. There is a (supposedly) great organic farm somewhere north of Baltimore that has free-range turkeys and chickens and rabbits and such. I would guess they might have geese. I'm completely spacing on the name of it, but look up a restaurant called Chameleon in Baltimore and talk to the chef/owner - I know they get their meats from this farm. Also, have you tried Eddie's on either Roland Avenue or Charles Street in Baltimore? They may or may not be better in price than Sutton - who knows. And there's Graul's too.

    1. It's not clear to me whether you're in DC or Balto, but if the former you should check out Eastern Market. I usually buy my 'unusual' poultry there, from a place that is called something like Capital Poultry (I cannot remember for sure). Much cheaper than Sutton, that's for sure, and never a problem with quality.

      1. Not sure where you live, but if you are in Montgomery County, give King's BBQ a call. They run the poultry counter at the Lancaster County Dutch Market in Germantown and they also carry rabbit, duck and, in past years have had fresh goose at this time of year. Their number is 301-916-2734 (they are only open Thurs., Fri. and Sat).

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          Thanks so much Terrie. I know that market well and it's the perfect solution. I'll call first thing tomorrow.

          My wife and I enjoy the fresh made sausages and pierogies(sp?) that are sold there.

          1. re: Bill

            So glad I could help!

            I absolutely love that meat counter, too. Where else can you find meats of that quality, raised naturally, for those prices?! I stock up on their bacon when I go, and always treat myself to their Delmonico steaks.

            I'll have to try their perogis next time.

        2. Called "Kings BBQ," which runs the poultry stall at Lancaster market. They do sell fresh geese, and they are $2/95 per pound. Exactly one-half of Sutton Place.