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Dec 11, 2001 08:05 AM

Breakfast place around Warrenton/Washington/Flint Hill

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Does anyone know of a really good country (or other type) breakfast place out in the country by Warrenton/Washington/Flint Hill or nearby?

I've tried Just Breakfast and it is pretty good, but I want a place that'll knock my socks off.

Too bad the Inn doesn't serve breakfast (at least not to non-hotel guests)...

Anyone know of some places?

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  1. Four and Twenty Blackbirds (at least on the weekends); don't think they do breakfast during the week.

    I've been for Sunday brunch many times, and I've never left having anything that hasn't been really great.

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      I don't know if they serve breakfast but this is a wonderful restaurant. If it were on K St. it would be in league with Vidalia. Their dinner menu changes every two or three weeks and every once in a while they'll feature an entree that is absolutely outstanding, one of the best to be found anywhere. As it is "Two Dozen Crows" is worth the drive from D. C. Dollar for dollar I actually prefer this to The Inn where the chef/owner, I believe, started. It is a different type of experience but one of the best in the Shenandoah Valley.

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        Follow up for Joe

        Which town is Two Dozen Crows in? Do you have their number close by? It sounds great.

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          Flint Hill, VA. which is a tiny hamlet in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I66 to Route 29 South to Warrenton. Right on Rt. 211 for 19 miles and you'll see the sign for the road to turn onto which will be on the right. (I do not know the route number.) From there it is about three more miles. There are actually much more picturesque ways to get here including going west on 66 and turning off on 688 which is the Markham exit. There are several wineries in this area (Naked Mountain, Linden, further down Oasis) and some of the most beauitful countryside on earth, actually reminiscent of Tuscany. Going this way you'll have to make several turns and you'll need a map but that is wonderful countryside to get lost in.

          There are several other very good inns and restaurants in this area including the Flint Hill Publick House only a mile or so from Four and Twenty Blackbirds. Nearby is the Bleu Rock Inn as well as The Inn at Little Washington which, if you haen't been there, is really in a charming little village. There are also a number of excellent farms, markets, small food specialists (cheese, hams, organic vegetables, etc.) in this area. Around Christmas time with a little bit of snow its romantic and incredibly beautiful driving down the backroads.
          We are fortunate to have this so close to us.

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            Four and Twenty Blackbirds is in the bucolic little town of Flint Hill Va., which is also home to the Flint Hill Public House, another very popular restaurant, as well as the Cherries on Top Orchard, where we pick cherries every year.

            The Washington Post a couple of years ago published a food lovers guide to Rappahannock County, VA, in which Flint Hill, Washington, and a couple of more tiny towns are located. Among the other attractions are wineries, cheesemakers, and a guy who grows unusual lettuces.

            It may be the best place on Earth. :>)

            1. re: Bob W.

              I saved that Post guide to Rappahannock and have used it a number of times to explore the area's attractions. I've gone with my family to pick peaches, apples and berries at several different farms. About a mile from "Four and Twenty.." is a special place--Rucker Farm, where Heidi Eastham makes wonderful fresh goat cheese--chevre (plain, Herbes de Provence, and Lavender) and ricotta, and also an aged cheese she calls "Tomme de Rappahannock." We had to get on a waiting list for the "Tomme"-- it was complex, mellow, and nutty, well worth the wait.