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Dec 10, 2001 06:25 PM

Who Has The Absolute Best Chicken Tikka Masala In The D. C. Area?

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This is not a question to be taken lightly. My wife and I have seriously considered flying to Manchester, England just to visit Shere Khan on Wilmslow Road or Shajan in Blackburn. I have eaten my way through London (Zaika, Vama, etc.) as well as Manchester and Birmingham and then returned to Heritage of India on Wisconsin Avenue only to be disappointed. On successive weekends we have struck out at Bombay Club on Connecticut (wonderful atmosphere, decent food), Bombay Palace (and its sister restaurant near Tysons) on K St.,, Bombay Bistro (Rockville and Rt. 123), Haandi (If I had never eaten at Heritage of India or visited the U. K. this would have been good) and many, many others from Herndon to Gaithersburg.

This is an obsession with my wife and I. Pilau rice (fried with almonds and sultana raisons) and Persharwari Nan (fruits and nuts) along with Tandoori Shrimp (Heritage of India on a good night comes close) and succulent, buttery cardomon hinted charcoal chicken tikka masala is one of the great addictive dishes of the world. (The Kung Pao Chicken of the U. K. as it were!) Is there a place in D. C. or Baltimore that is up to the standard of the best in the U. K.?

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  1. I think it'll be hard to compete with England...but...the chicken tikka masala at Aroma (dowtown DC, close to Foggy Bottom) is mouth-watering good.

    The service at the place is very attentive as well. Don't be put off by it's small size, there are real gems coming out of that kitchen. It is worth a try.

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      Up until our last visit I would have said that the chicken tikka masala at Connaught Place in Fairfax ranks among the very best, but unfortunately the meat was really chewy, as was my lamb.

      We hope to chalk this up to an off night, as Connaught Place place has otherwise been consistently good.

    2. If you feel like taking a drive (and who among the truly obsessed wouldn't?), the food at the Ambassador Dining Room in Baltimore is pretty damned tasty - though I confess I haven't tried the Tikki Masala. I have my own addiction to Chicken Madras. This place also has the added bonus of being romantic as hell - so if the spice in the food doesn't meet your expectations, there's still hope.... ;>)