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Dec 10, 2001 02:30 AM

Help my friend Karen the vegetarian.

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Let's try this again. My friend Karen is a vegetarian living in the Baltimore area. She has a full time job. Is a full time mother and wife. Karen is also a full time law student. As you can tell she does not have a lot of free time. The last time she went out Karen was disappointed in the quality of her meal. Thank goodness for the company of a loving husband and good friends from saving her from a terrible evening. Us chowhounds need to help her out.
I listed a query two weeks ago. It only obtained three answers. (Thank-you for those responses.) Lets expand the search. We need to find places that have good vegetarian options in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore areas. Dollar range $-$$$$$.
I bet you if I listed this at the San Francisco site the chowhounds way out there would tell me about plenty of places in your own back yard. Please lets give this hard working friend a nice holiday surprise.
Happy Holidays

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  1. Go to the homepage of the Vegetarian Society of DC, which has been around for many years and does include a restaurant info link. There's also a site called, with info about vegetarian places all over the world.
    If you want to know why I chose not to settle in DC, after going to school there, read your own last paragraph: it's not nearly as veg-friendly as other places. But Karen will do OK if you know where to look.


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      Try Heritage India in D.C. A lovely evening.

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        Try Heritage India in D.C. A lovely evening.

      2. Vegetarian Resource Group: They're Baltimore-based and have a newsletter with restaurant listings.

        Also, Holy Frijoles in Hampden has alot of vegetarian Mexican options.

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          Xavier Jones

          In Rockville on Rockville Pike (just north of White Flint on the left hand side before you get to Old Georgetown Rd.)is a restaurant called the Vegetable Garden that is entirely vegetarian. As a vegetarian, I can order absolutely everything on the menu. Also two Indian restaurants on University Ave., near College Park are very good all vegetarian places. Udipi palace and Woodland. Jaleo in DC and Bethesda have many vegetarian tapas dishes. Also in Bethesda, Times Square has a fair number of vegetarian dishes. Lots more but this should get her started. Hope this helps.

          1. A&J on Rockville Pike has the largest variety of vegetarian choices I've ever seen at a dim sum place. You can find its address elsewhere on this board like in the thread about scallion pancakes. Those scallion pancakes are good, also the noodles with sesame sauce; there are all kinds of odd little salads. All the dumplings and buns come with vegetarian filling as one of the choices, although I have never tried it.