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Dec 8, 2001 03:42 PM

Company coming: need advice!

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We have a 20-something relative coming for Christmas who would like to go into the District, have lunch, see a museum or art gallery or National Cathedral. She's been to many of the museums (Air & Space, Art, Holocaust) so I was trying to think of something a bit different...maybe in the Dupont Circle Area (so we could maybe do lunch at Bistro du Coin). What interesting place is in this area? and is there ample parking nearby? (I no longer will use Metro) It shouldn't be too congested downtown on 12/24 since Federal employees are off, right? or should we avoid that area and go to National Cathedral and are there great places in that area for lunch? TIA for your help.

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  1. The Phillips Collection at 21st and Q (I think that's the corner) is my favorite museum in DC. There is some onstreet parking in that area (it's residential back there), but it's kinda hit or miss. Might be lucky on 12/24. Bistrot du coin is only a couple blocks away.

    The cathedral is also a good idea and there are plenty of restaurants to try in Tenleytown/Friendship Hts, just a mile or 2 north of the cathedral. I haven't been over there for a while, so can't recommend a specific place.

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      If you go to the Phillips, try Bistro du Coin or (if you're in the mood for Italian) Etrusco afterward. The National Cathedral, on the other hand, is just a few blocks from 2 Amy's, which has been the subject of much discussion over the past month. Check the message board from late November for some opinions.

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        The Society of the Cincinatti at Anderson House on Mass Ave is also very interesting and generally overlooked. I like the Christian Heurich Mansion of the Washington Historical Society as well, also nearby.

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          Is the Society of the Cincinatti at Anderson House open to the public? I've always admired the building but I wasn't aware that it is open to the public on a regular basis.

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          The Textile Museum is close by in DuPont area (on S Street, bet. 23 & 24th I think). Its great, different and hardly anyone knows about it so it's never crowded. I saw a beautiful exhibit on rugs once - included some really funky modern stuff. Might want to check to see if its open on the 24th though.
          Also in the DuPont area, near Bistro d Coin, are a lot of private galleries that are fun.

        3. As suggested, the Phillips is a wonderful gallery at 21st and Q and is surrounded by a number of other small commercial galleries as well. In that neighborhood you can also try Teaism (Connecticutt and R) for a very fine breakfast or light lunch (yummy Chai and delicious chicken sausage, naan and raita, or try the Bento boxes, be sure and grab a salted oatmeal cookie as well).

          For a very, very nice dinner try Nora at Florida and R. I never understand why this restaurant isn't more appreciated, great, fresh, contemporary cooking, with organic local ingredients, whats not to love?

          1. I appreciate everyone taking the time to provide me with great leads of things to do in DC. I've copied them and am starting a DC file (things to do, places to eat, great shops, new (to me) museums, etc). Well I just found out that Andrea (our young guest) wants to see the Panda bears at the zoo so we're going to the Cathedral first, look for a restaurant out there (is that Tenleytown?) then the zoo...but I'm definitely going to the Phillips Collection and Bistro du Coin in January. Thanks again for your help (and of course if anyone has some good leads on places to have lunch near the cathedral or zoo, that would be nice!:) Ann

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              Cafe Deluxe is not far from the cathedral on Wisconsin Ave. and is generally pretty good. If you're in the mood for mexican, Cactus Cantina is also in the area. I have not been to 2 Amys but it has been receiving alot of publicity on this site and is right off of Wisconin Ave near the Cathedral as well. You can also go a little south of the Cathedral and eat in Glover Park which has quite a few restaurants. Busara is good thai food and there's a little italian place I have not been to but several chowhounds have raved about. Also, there is a little French restaurant called Saveur on Wisconsin Ave. in Glover Park which is very quaint and has nice ambience and good food, although a fairly limited selection.