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Dec 7, 2001 03:45 PM

10th & Mass: recommendations?

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A New Yorker needs to find two evenings' worth of excellent dining near his hotel at 10th & Massachusetts. Quiet and spacious would help, and without overdone, frenetic cookery. Any recommendations?

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  1. I work at 11th & Mass. If he wants a good & pricey meal, try the Coeur de Lion? at the Henley Park hotel, or the Morrison-Clark restaurant across Mass. Ave. 2 blocks away is Corduroy restaurant, inside the 4 Points Sheraton hotel(?) at 12th & K.
    For cheaper restaurants, Chinatown is a 10-min walk away. And there are some around Metro Center, also a 10-min. walk.

    1. Corduroy is at 12th and K and has great food in a very quiet, comfortable room. It is a very un discovered restaurant...definetly worth the 2 block walk.(it is in the sheraton but not run by the hotel)

      1. It may be too late, but a Chinatown favorite for people who work around here is Burma, upstairs at 3299 M Street, NW, Washington, DC; Tel: (202) 625-6825. It's cheap and very tasty, great atmosphere and service. It's about a four block walk from your hotel.