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Dec 7, 2001 11:04 AM

Anyone eat at Josphine's?

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Does anyone know how the food/ambience/service is at Josphine's on Fleet Street? I'd also appreciate any info on the Bicycle and Sascha's. My beloved and I often go out for a Sunday dinner, vegetarian friendly,and I like to try places we haven't been.

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  1. I've eaten there twice. It's more reasonably priced than most of the Italian restaurants nearby. My quick review: the bread, soups, and appetizers are good (the eggplant appetizer is the best thing on the menu), but the entrees have been spotty (for example, the first time I had chicken it was moist and flavorful; the second time my wife ordered it and it was extremely overcooked). Ironically, they have a more extensive martini list than wine list. I'd recommend trying it once because it's not super-expensive and hopefully the kitchen will develop some consistency as it gets more established.

    Evidently, the chef (Ellen Davis)previously worked at a restaurant called Stella's in Hampden.

    Most everyone I've talked to thinks that Bicycle is ambitious and well-executed. My friends just wonder if it's worth the price.

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      The Bicycle is very good, pretty pricey, but very good. They're specialty is seafood. Try the beggers purse with scallops and green onions in a bur blanc (?). To cut the cost a bit they offer 18 bottles of wine for $18. And they're good!
      Sasha's we love too! Every time we go there we have a great experience. The food is always good and the choice of interesting sauces can allow you to adjust the taste of your entree. The appitizers are so good looking, it's hard to choose, sometimes we have just selected 3 or 4 and skipped over the entrees all together. Not too bad as far as prices go. One meal for 4 included a bottle of wine, 3 app's, 4 entrees and the total without tip was around $70. How can you beat that?