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Dec 6, 2001 05:42 PM

red maple - new japanese on charles

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i was wondering what is up with this place. i went to a opening night party there last night, i got there too late to sample the food but i thoroughly enjoyed the minimalist ambiance, great interior and of course dj and open bar. i work in the area and had noticed that they had been doing work on the site for a while but i didn't hear anything about the place itself. who owns it? who is the chef? anyone?

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  1. I haven't heard anything about it, but I'm very interested to learn more. Where exactly is it?
    Details! Please!

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    1. re: Gus

      Awhile back, I overheard that the owners of the good love bar (Canton) were opening a restaurant and I'm pretty sure I heard them mention "red maple." I can't remember where I was. Perhaps it was at good love that I overheard this.

      1. re: Lauren

        I defy you to tell me about a more beautiful bar than this stunningly gorgeous contemporary space. They've had a few soft openings, I know, and I walked in but wasn't feeling quite up to hanging out with the gorgeous crowd.
        Like most places this sumptuously handsome, the big question will concern the staff. If they're inept, it might spell trouble. On the night I went, there were some uncharacteristically (for Mount Vernon) imposing doormen stationed outside. Don't know if they're a permanent fixture.
        i also heard they might impose a cover charge, another oddity for the neighborhood. Apparently, the crowd has been arriving and leaving early.
        I'll try to revive myself (although, frankly, I might have to wait until the Solstice gets here) and go check it out and report back with more.

        For now, my eyewitness observation remains: WOW!!

        1. re: Vordygal

          Ok, sounds beautiful...but how's the FOOD?

          1. re: Gus

            I was walking into Red Maple tocheck out the menu, when thier extremely transparent glass front door stopped my face. I'll say this: they sure keep that glass clean.

            I'll go back and check again, and, next time, no glass door is going to make a monkey out of me.

            1. re: Gus
              Adrian Goldszmidt

              Ate at Red Maple with my wife and (believe it or not) with our three week old daughter in tow - her first restaurant experience. Felt un-hip there; the space is gorgeous, very relaxing, very other-wordly. As was the food. It's all appetizers; lots of raw tuna, done different ways; in wontons, with noodles; in a neat-o pyramid with avocado and salmon; very beautifully presented (multiple appetizers come out on one huge platter, making it almost obligatory to share), and absolutely delicious. Desserts were great, too. Great food, great attentive service. One drawback: No coffee!!!!!

      2. This is indeed the brainchild of the Good Love Bar people. No word on food yet, but the doormen and potential cover charge for after-hours entertainment are an effort to head off the arrival of certain, um, elements as they say, that contributed to Good Love's slippage from chill to meat market.

        1. Red Maple just got reviewed in today's Sun Living section as a tapas bar with Asian influences--no jeans or tennis shoes allowed. I have no idea about how the food is, but this gives an idea of what they want the restaurant to be.

          1. I've been to Red Maple twice, on opening night and once shortly thereafter. This is the most beautiful bar I have ever seen. It's more NYC than Charm City. The food is terrific, and the service is even better. I have never encountered a friendlier or more attentive staff. Initially, I felt far to un-hip to be hanging out with the likes of the Red Maple crowd, but after a glass of wine and a seat by the fireplace, I couldn't bring myself to leave. Red Maple is right around the corner from the Hippo, on Eager and Charles Street. I loved it!