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Dec 5, 2001 09:52 AM

Breakfast at Nick's in Wheaton

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If you are ever in the Wheaton area at breakfast time, try Nick's (corner of Viers Mill Rd. and University Blvd.). It's small, with a counter and a handful of tables, and the "decor" consists of a few posters of Greece, but the food is good and inexpensive. It is run by a few generations of a friendly Greek family, which you would discern from their menu right away (spinach and feta omelette and a few breakfast sandwiches on pita).

Their breakfast meats are wonderful, especially the ham, which they cut off the whole joint per order and heat up in a pan. They have a great selection of omelettes, too. And, their hash browns are outstanding - the potatoes are cooked with some seasonings and then fried and they have SO much flavor (I'm a hash brown freak and these are tops, promise).

They are also open for lunch, but I haven't tried it except for weekend breakfast. It's definitely worth a stop.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I've been passing that place for years and always wondered about it. I'm a hash brown fan, too!

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      I hope you enjoy it, Susan. A big breakfast with juice/coffee/tea will set you back only about $6, so it's worth a stop - just remember: ham and hash browns.....

    2. I'll have to check out Nick's. It sounds a lot like the Country Kitchen at 4 Corners (University & Colesville). The CK is also Greek, cheap, no frills, and has a great breakfast. It is also the only place I've been to in Montgomery County where people are at the counter drinking Budweisers at 8 in the morning with their breakfast. Now that's real chowhound ambience!

      1. Ditto on Nicks. Its great!!!